The Sanctuary of Healing, a holistic and spiritual centre in Blackburn, UK, has received organic accreditation from the Soil Association, as part of the charity's Organic Served Here initiative.

The scheme is designed to reassure customers that the food they are eating is made from 15 per cent to 100 per cent certified organic ingredients.

Awarded five stars, the highest possible rating, The Sanctuary was recognised for using 95 per cent organic ingredients in the food served in its cafe,

"Our mission is to create an environment of tranquility, health and joy for our guests, and the food we serve is a huge part of this," said The Sanctuary manager in a release.

"We want to offer the best organic, locally and ethically sourced sustenance we can," the manager added.

Clare McDermott, the Soil Association's business development manager, said: "It is brilliant to have a centre like The Sanctuary on the scheme."

"Their dedication to organic shows that it's not just traditional cafes and restaurants where consumers are seeking out organic food. As organic food sales are increasing, consumers are becoming more engaged in the origins of their food," McDermott added.

In addition to its five-star organic cafe, The Sanctuary offers nine treatment rooms, as well as a meditation room, a 'sacred geometry' healing room and three group rooms for classes and workshops.