A new drop-in meditation studio has opened in London, offering private guided meditation classes and workshops, as well as custom-designed meditation pods.

Inhere has been founded by Adiba Osmani and Ghazal Abrishamchi, who are devoted to the scientific research behind the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Abrishamchi is a neuroscientist from Kings College London and a certified breathwork teacher who is currently researching links between mindfulness and nutrition. Amd Osmani has a successful business career and has been practicing meditation for 12 years.

The duo will also launch a new studio in central London later this year.

Inhere – meaning “to exist within” – provides the space and tools for “always on” urbanites to incorporate meditation practices into their daily lives.

The meditation pod launched this month at co-working space Uncommon , and offers guided meditations from 10-30 minutes.

Created in collaboration with design studio Design & That, the pods are manufactured in the UK and allow for natural light to flow in to create a breezy, light space.

The pods are available for both public and private spaces, including homes, offices, hotels, spas, shops and other areas, and include comfortable seating, and headphones with the option to include Inhere meditations for users to select via an audio player.

Inhere will open their new studio space in central London this winter, which will offer group meditations, as well as pods for private use. The studio will also attract inspirational speakers to lead talks and meditation.