Taking on a residential project has always been an ambition of mine.
– Tom Dixon

English designer Tom Dixon has completed work on Renew – a spacious private wellness club located at the 150-acre Greenwich Peninsula residential development in London, UK.

Featuring a steam room, pool, two gyms, and a terrace, the new space marks Dixon's first foray into residential design.

"With a growing importance on wellness, I wanted to create a space that would enhance residents' day-to-day lifestyle and motivate them to achieve their goals and feel their best," remarked Dixon.

He continued: "The Renew Floor is a relaxed space where residents can meet like-minded people, creating a wellness community within the neighbourhood."

Richard Margree, CEO at Knight Dragon – the property's developer – commented: "We see Greenwich Peninsula as an active and sociable community, so it was important that we thought about residents' lifestyles with the Renew floor.

"We believe we have created an exceptional wellness club for them to enjoy."

Renew is part of the Upper Riverside Club, a leisure hub for the five buildings that make up Upper Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula's newest community.

Apartments are now on sale, with prices starting at £550,000 (US$725,166, €641,286).