BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś and Studio Projektowe Paweł Jarosz have designed a house that is aimed at rebuilding relationships between humans and their surroundings.

The Symbiotic House is based on the traditional values of living in harmony with nature, but integrates technology to provide a modern and convenient way of life.

Constructed primarily of timber and glass, it has three main sections – a section for living in, a greenhouse section and a barn section.

The structure is dug partially down into the ground and benefits from associated insulative and thermal properties.

Some of the house's energy requirements are served by "symbiotic fireplace" that is a battery for storing energy generated from a renewable source and also gives out heat as a traditional fireplace would.

A window in the below-ground level of the house looks out into an adjacent pond, providing views of the underwater natural wildlife and environment.

The pond also helps to maintain a good microclimate in the house and the greenhouse and provides a natural swimming pool.

The greenhouse allows for the year-round cultivation of plants and food, produces oxygen and contributes to the optimisation of the house's ventilation system, with windows that automatically open and close depending on the weather conditions.

The barn provides a place to store hay and equipment, but is also conceived in part as a playground for kids, a space for recreation and potentially a working space.

And a chicken coop provides space for hens to lay eggs and uses technology to automatically collected eggs, dispense food for hens, water the free-range space and clean the floor, with waste collected able to be used as fertiliser for plants in the garden.