After five months of construction and an investment of CHF 45m (€40m), the completely renovated Grand Hotel Quellenhof in Switzerland has once again opened its doors.

For 150 years, the Quellenhof has served as the flagship of Europe’s wellbeing & medical health resort in Bad Ragaz.

Swiss interior designer Claudio Carbone is responsible for the redesign of the Grand Hotel Quellenhof. The new concept is centered around both the hotel’s history and its thermal water.

The story of Bad Ragaz began with the discovery of the 36.5-degree thermal water in the Tamina gorge 777 years ago. In order to clearly depict the hotel’s connection to the thermal water, a total of three new thermal water fountains were installed throughout the resort during the renovations. These fountains feature a continuous flow of fresh thermal water, which can be consumed.

“We want to offer our guests a place of refuge that combines luxury and wel-being in a hotel that also satisfies the demands of today,” said general manager Marco R. Zanolari. “We were able to create a perfect harmony between the history of the hotel and its modern, stylish interior.”

In addition to the comprehensive renovation work, the restaurants at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof have also undergone a complete transformation. Culinary director Sven Wassmer has steered the Quellenhof in a new culinary direction with two new restaurants: the signature Memories restaurant and verve by sven.

Whereas Memories will celebrate contemporary Alpine cuisine, verve by sven will focus on health and lifestyle. This is also reflected in the interior design of the restaurant, which is characterised by natural materials and a subtle color palette, as well as a “living wall” – a wall that is entirely covered in live plants that serve not only a decorative purpose, but also improve the air quality in the room.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz consists of two five-star establishments, the Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites and the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, as well as the Palais Bad Ragaz. The rooms and suites, from historic and princely to ultra-modern and purist, offer guests a stylish setting for their stay in Bad Ragaz. The spa resort, which has been awarded the Wellness Destination quality seal by Swiss Tourism, is located in the Heidiland holiday region of Eastern Switzerland.

The ‘Blue Gold’ of Bad Ragaz – its thermal water – was discovered in the nearby Tamina gorge in 1242. Guests can choose spa experiences at either the thermal spa or Tamina Therme, the publicly accessible thermal spa.

The resort also offers evidence-based medical treatments at the Medical Health Center and at the Swiss Olympic Medical Center. In 2014, the outpatient medical facilities were expanded to include an inpatient rehabilitation clinic with 17 rooms.