International spa consultancy and design team Blu Spas Inc. have launched Blu Galaxy, a modular, eco-friendly contrast bathing concept designed to be easily dropped into plans for hospitality, hot springs, retail or residential projects.

Blu Galaxy’s globally inspired design is based upon the healing effects of water, and informed by the more than 400 spas that Blu has developed in 40 countries.

A festive take on the age-old tradition of contrast bathing, Blu Galaxy incorporates wellness benefits such as relaxing in a variety of soaking and salt flotation pools, a salt cave, exotic showers, river walk, mud house, cowboy baths, lounges to relax, play or work, and entertainment experiences.

Designed for all seasons, the Blu Galaxy template has communal and private zones, a café, elixir bar, retail as well as spa and fitness offerings.

“We love the numbers and adaptability for this wellness model; it’s a game-changer compared to a traditional spa, whose revenues dwarf in comparison with blu galaxy,” said Cary Collier, co-founder of Blu Spas and Blu Galaxy.

Collier and co-founder Doug Chambers have taken inspiration for blu galaxy from cultures around the world that have community bathing experiences, including the Greek Laconica, the Roman Thermae, the Finnish Sauna, the Japanese Sento, the Russian Banya, the Turkish Hammam and the Native American sweat lodge.

They point to the steady revenues of places like Ojo Caliente in New Mexico, Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado, and Glen Ivy Hot Springs in California as examples of US natural hot spring centres with a more egalitarian experience than the typical “one percent” of the spa market.

“This modular, contrast bathing concept is an attractor asset, a place for fun and socialising – and it’s a new concept for the US,” said Chambers.

Every aspect of the new concept was designed to be earth-friendly as well as people-friendly, with energy and water conservation, eco-conscious design materials, rooftop gardens and solar energy integral to the design.

Key green features of Blu Galaxy include biophilic design that’s meant to connect people with nature; energy/water conservation and repurposing; construction using tools like digital design and cross-laminated timber, a new framing product that is nearly as strong as steel and very eco-friendly; rooftop gardens and solar features to heat water and self-contained energy systems.

“We designed Blu Galaxy with the voices of hundreds of clients in our heads and the responsibility we feel to the end users, to spa operators and the planet we all share,” said Chambers. “We put just as much thought into the eco-friendly elements of these soak and sauna centres as we did to them being user-friendly and operationally sound.”

Blu Spas has several projects in planning for blu galaxy, with others in discussion from free-standing to multi-use.

“We are looking for the right projects with new thinking and always the right partners,” said Collier. “To us, nature – whether outside or inside – is always a key component when it comes to wellness design. We built a range of ways to have fun into this concept, since we know it means people will hang out longer and have reasons to return.”