When you’re not working out we want your home to feel like home, not the gym
– Anna Samuels, founder, Boxx

Boxx has launched a new generation punch bag and smart punch trackers that work with an app to bring expert training, tracking and studio-quality sessions into homes.

”At Boxx, we’re designing for the new world of at-home workouts. Not just great content and technology, we’re also thinking about your space as well as your style. When you’re not working out we want your home to feel like home, not the gym,” says Anna Samuels, Boxx founder.

The punch bag has a compact design with integrated wheels that make it easy to move and store. Designed to fit into homes and match interiors, it is customisable with different colour and material options.

The company says it takes up less floor space than a spin bike or treadmill while offering full-body workouts for strength, fitness and wellbeing. It also offers HIIT workouts that allow two people to train together.

Users can stream classes to a phone, desktop or TV from the app, choosing from a variety of workouts. In addition to boxing classes, users can include strength and conditioning, running, stretching and yoga sessions. All classes are delivered by Boxx’s team of trainers.

Using motion tracking, the Bluetooth-enabled trackers measure the count, speed, power and direction of every punch. Historical data on sessions and calories are stored in the app to track and reward progress. Further motivation comes from the wider Boxx community, as users interact and compete through class leaderboards.

“Our mission is to make at-home fitness accessible to everyone. We’re excited to have successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign and make Boxx with our amazing community,” says Samuels.