Liangtse Wellness, founded in Jinan, China in 1997 and with over 420 locations worldwide, is opening of its first location in the United States. Centrally located in Midtown East at 150 E 55th Street in New York City, Liangtse Wellness will offer its heritage spa and massage services.

Liangtse Wellness will offer treatments rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine in its eight private rooms. With a curation of wellness programmes, guests will ind a variety of therapeutic, acupoint-based treatments for head, foot, back, and whole body.

In addition to its signature massage programme, Liangtse Wellness will also offer Moxa Healing Therapy, a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that uses moxa to warm acupoints using a moxibustion apparatus.

This therapy stimulates circulation through the acupoints and induces a smoother flow of blood with a purpose of alleviating chronic pains and internal discomfort. Classic Chinese reflexology will also be among Liangtse Wellness’s programme designed to detox the body and restore vitality.

Liangtse Wellness has more than 420 branches across China, Europe, and North America.