Kasiiya Papagayo, an eco-friendly resort which will focus on nature-based spirituality and wellness, is on track to open in Costa Rica in 2019.

Occupying 123 hectares of forested and seaside property in the heart of one of Earth’s high life-expectancy "Blue Zones", the tropical getaway will feature 14 tented and biophilic rooms and a communal eco-lodge designed by French architects, AW².

Kasiiya will also provide a number of wellness offerings, such as spa treatments and massage therapies – all of which will be supervised by a local healer.

Additionally, guests will be able to participate in nature walks, yoga sessions, and what the company has called "Movement", a form of physical and mental exercise which incorporates elements of Capoeira, dance, and animal locomotion.

Commenting on the new resort, AW² called it a "new spirit camp" that blends seamlessly with the environment, moving "luxury to other horizons".