A new project in Mexico will be focused on a transformational travel experience designed to increase guests’ level of consciousness and help them live a happier, healthier and more abundant life.

With a slogan of ‘Sleep once and wake up forever,’ Awakening Sanctuary will include a hotel designed by ARQMOV that follows the flow of nature’s elements. The first phase of the opening in 2020 will offer guests a series of workshops, experiences, seminars and coaching focusing on personal development and the search for happiness.

Founders Adriana Chardi and Martin Loeffler hope that guests will find a reconnection with the whole: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.

Chardi is a self-described “high-end boutique hotel guru” with 15 years’ experience in hospitality.

“Over all these years in hotel management, I’ve developed my own vision of what a hotel operation should look like,” she said. “Awakening will materialise this vision, break with paradigms and revolutionise our hotel guests’, employees’ and other stakeholders’ experience.”

Guests will stay in ‘Human Cocoons’ that are designed allow inhabitants to fully experience the calming sound of the jungle and to connect with nature, while still enjoying a high-end eco-boutique hotel experience.

Awakening is part of San Manuel, a small Mayan community in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula 80 minutes from Cancun. Its 152 hectares (365 acres) of barely touched jungle include seven pristine cenotes, whose waters will be used in the hotel’s programming.

A reconnection to nature will be an important focus on Awakenings, as well as the chance for guests to connect with others and also to themselves. The goal is for guests to take home new insights, perspectives, and skills.

Awakenings will offer Experiences designed by Chardi and Loeffler as a medium to further awaken guests’ minds and nourish their souls. These transformative activities include:

Awakening Adrenaline – a series of action sports and other adrenaline-pumping activities that help connect with the here and now, overcome fears and push personal boundaries.

Awakening Sensuality – created for couples searching to deepen their physical, emotional, spiritual and erotic connection while simultaneously relating to nature.

Awakening New Perspectives – a new and more profound experience of part and current Mayan Culture as a way to gain a new perspective on life and more clarity towards the present and future.

Awakening Just for You – fully customised personal development programmes designed to be completed individually, as a family, group or as a business/organisation.

“I love creating new ideas; I love to learn and teach, develop and share knowledge – to inspire and be inspired by others,” said Loeffler, who holds several leadership roles around the world, including leading an academic institute dedicated to converting university students into social change agents. “I am happy, and I intend to spread happiness.”