Fitness sessions with Joe Wicks, that defined lockdown mornings for many families, have finally come to an end.

After 18 weeks, Wicks has hosted his last "PE with Joe" workout on Youtube.

The fitness trainer began his daily livestream sessions on 23 March, just hours before Boris Johnson ordered the entire country into lockdown.

Using his Body Coach Youtube channel, Wicks provided family-focused 30-minute sessions each weekday.

The workouts became wildly popular and a part of daily life for many families.

In total, Wicks streamed 78 workouts, achieving total views of more than 80 million – unprecedented numbers for any fitness content on any platform.

In the early weeks, Wicks broke the Youtube live record with more than 1 million people tuning into watch and exercise.

Wicks is donating all the advertising revenue from the PE with Joe sessions – totalling £580,000 – to NHS charities.

Hosting the last PE with Joe session on 22 July, Wicks said: “It’s a sad day but I’m so proud.

“We’re fitter and stronger. We’re healthier and happier.

"Ask yourself this – why do we exercise? I talk about it a lot - how you can feel low, your energy isn't great.

"Then you come through the workout and you peak, you feel energised, you feel happy. It makes you feel positive, fit, strong and confident.

"So please keep going – every single exercise will be available on the channel, so revisit and do them together as a family."