This winter, an innovative new wellness concept – Arctic Elements Lakeside Spa – will open in Finland’s far north, with an ecological focus.

Due to open on 1 December 2019, the spa is located in Muonio, and sits on the shore of Lake Jeris, next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park.

The new wellness centre is accessible to those staying at the Hotel Jeris, which has been newly renovated for winter 2019.

With strong eco credentials, the new spa uses electricity that is entirely renewable, taken from wind, water and solar sources, and geothermal heating generated by Lake Jeris and enhanced by extracting heat from shower water. The shower water itself is collected from the nearby natural spring.

With a concept based around Finnish mythology and folk tales, Arctic Elements Lakeside Spa will offer five different saunas, representing the elements found in traditional shamanic wellbeing rituals, with ancient Finnish gods named as the protectors of the saunas.

For Finns, the sauna is a place of relaxation, meditation and mental and physical cleanliness and, at Arctic Elements Lakeside Spa, it is where the four elements of earth, water, air and fire combine to create the fifth element – löyly, or sauna steam, the spirit of the sauna.

The five saunas, named after mythological Gods and Goddesses, are:

Tapio (Earth):

Tapio is the antlered king of the forest, protector of the animals. This sauna provides the element of earth and the feeling of being in a forest, with a mystical Lapland design. Created from wood, tiles and natural stones, and split into four areas with individual electric stoves – North, South, East and West – each provides a different kind of löyly, from mild to hot. Temperature: 70-90°C.

Ukko (Fire):Ukko, the king of all gods, is master of lightning, fire and air. The most traditional of the saunas, this darkly atmospheric wooden sauna, with a classic Finnish design, provides fiery, hot löyly through a wood-heating process that means that smoke permeates the whole sauna, colouring it black and giving the air the scent of smoke. Temperature: 60-80°C.

Vellamo (Water):

Vellamo, goddess of water, is the ruler of lakes and rivers. This sauna has a panoramic view over Lake Jeris, reflecting light from the surface of the water on to the sauna walls, creating a calm and serene atmosphere. The Scandinavian design of Vellamo is created from wood, glass, stone and tiles and the electric stove gives a soft and moist löyly, making it perfect for a longer period relaxation. Temperature: 50-60°C.

Ilmatar (Air):Ilmatar, the goddess of wind and the female spirit of nature, lends her name to this sauna, created in her element. With no fire or thick walls, this sauna, made from wood, natural stone and uses infrared heaters inside a traditional Kota, a Lappish teepee that offers a soft and gentle heat. Half sauna, half relaxation room, enjoy the warmth of a Lappish summer during the polar night, with a soft breeze and the sounds of nature. Temperature: 30-40°C.

Repo (Private Northern Lights sauna):

Dedicated to the watching of Tulikettu – the mystical fire fox, or Aurora Borealis, that lights up the skies – this two-storey panoramic sauna has a 180-degree view over Lake Jeris. Perfect for private relaxation, heated by an electric stove and contemporary in design – created from wood and glass – there is also a relaxation room on the second floor which has a panoramic window, taking in the entirety of the Arctic heavens above. Temperature: 60-80°C. Priced as extra: £210 for a two-hour session for up to 10 people.

Alongside the five saunas, Arctic Elements Lakeside Spa will also offer a range of experience and wellness showers, relaxation areas and a revitalising external ice hole swimming area, all set against a backdrop of frozen lake waters, inky-dark pines, thick snow and the rolling landscapes of the third largest National Park in Finland.

Spa treatments such as Wilderness Wellbeing Signature Treatments and restorative massages will be available, along with ‘DIY’ packages like Sauna Honey Face Masks and a Relaxing Foot Bath. All experiences will use natural, locally sourced ingredients.