Set in the picturesque mountains of the South Tyrol in Austria, the Preidlhof Hotel is already an escapist’s dream.

However, its new suite, the Dream Well, goes a step further, aiming to offer guests the perfect night’s sleep and ultimate ‘private spa experience’.

The room uses an array of electronically-generated soundscapes to give guests the best possible sleeping experience. Dreamers can choose to be soothed by a variety of fine-tuned sonic waves, all of which simulate the sights and sounds of nature in combination with remote-controlled lighting.

The Dream Well suite is the brainchild of Sonomi AG’s CEO Daniel Lathan, an engineer who’s spent decades researching the physiological and psychological benefits of acoustics-based therapies.

The suite is not the first of time Sonomi AG has create sound therapy space for Preidlhof. In 2016, the company was also commissioned to design Preidlhof’s ‘Deep Sea’ relaxation room.