With this project we aiming to give back to cities and create productive landscapes within urban zones.
– Tom Dixon

London-based designer Tom Dixon and Swedish furniture company IKEA have joined up for "Gardening Will Save The World", an experimental project that looks at the way "democratic design" principles can be applied to urban farming.

The installation, which was recently exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, is designed to demonstrate how people can contribute to "the movement of a growing home".

Featuring a raised modular landscape with 4,000 plants (some of which are edible) the hydroponics-powered garden also boasts its own lighting system.

"For IKEA, this project is about bringing attention to the future of the environment and the importance of growing food locally," commented James Futcher.

"We want to create smart solutions to encourage people and make it easier to grow plants themselves anywhere they can, whether that’s in their community garden, rooftop, or in containers on balconies and window sills."

The collaboration also serves as a prelude to the next stage of Dixon's design partnership with IKEA.

The first stage saw Dixon conceive DELAKTIG, an "open-source" bed frame for the brand.

His next creation is expected to hit IKEA stores in 2021.

After its initial showing, the garden was moved to the Participatory Theatre in Barking and Dagenham where – from 25 June – it will form part of a four-week exhibition.