The publishing wing of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is gearing up to release Wellbeing in Interiors: Philosophy, design and value in practice – a book authored by London-based interior designer Elina Grigoriou.

Described as a practical guide on "how the design of interior spaces impacts wellbeing", the book – according to RIBA’s description – will also "enable project teams to understand how specific decisions about sustainable design and materials can be implemented on a day to day basis".

Grigoriou – the founding director of Grigoriou Interiors – has written extensively on wellness in architecture.

In a blog post, she provided a precis of her views on the sensory nature of wellbeing.

"The physical environment of interior spaces," she wrote, "impacts occupants in a variety of ways: from general air quality through to individual elements such as a polished floor finish, a comfy lounge chair, a balanced HVAC system, to the feel of a cold door handle on our hand.

"These elements and the requirement to achieve an expected level of 'specification for wellbeing' can sometimes contradict each other and it all ends up being a highly complex task to achieve."

Grigoriou will apparently elaborate on the secrets to achieving this balance in her forthcoming book, which is slated for release in May 2019.