The Rocks Push (TRP), a sustainable swimwear brand based in Australia, has partnered with Drift Distribution, which will act as the brand's exclusive European distributor, to launch its range of eco-friendly swimwear in Europe.

The brand, named after an infamous Sydney gang from the 1800's, creates men's swimwear from repurposed fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles reclaimed from the ocean, with just one kilogram of reclaimed plastic waste making six pairs of swim shorts, while a tonne can make 6000 pairs. Once collected, these materials go through a process called polymerisation, where the nets are made into a finer yarn called Econyl, which is then weaved and dyed with limited-edition artwork, before being made into men's swimwear.

This year's limited-edition artwork was designed to raise awareness for marine life, such as sharks, lobsters, crabs, squid and coral, twhose lives and homes are at risk from abandoned fishing nets.

"We are passionate about the oceans and doing our part to keep them clean. We wanted to create a brand that is ethical, ecological and has a social commitment to the planet," said a spokesperson for TRP.

Chloe Waller, director of Drift Distribution, said of the collaboration: "The Rocks Push is a brand that represtents ethical, moral and sustainable standards moving into the next generation and future of apparel."

"The value of sustainability is imperative for both Drift Distribution and The Rocks Push and we look forward to partnering with health clubs, spas, hotels and retaillers that share this core value," she added.